The Race Card

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[hash] thebadspace For about the billionth time because people like [at] silvereagle [at] mastodon [dot] social want so badly for it not to be true that they just ignore it. The race/black card can't exist if racism exists. If racism exists. Then the chance of a black person saying racism exists also exists. The more racism documented? Even on social media? The higher the chance there is racism when a black person says there is.

Meaning. The race/black card can't logically exist.

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Huh? The meaning of an race/black card exists solely because racism exists. I don't get it.

People can lie and exaggerate. In fact, I'd say that's the reason racism exists, because shitty white people from the past spread lies about black people in order to make them look like degenerates. And the thing is, people of marginalized communities can lie too!

As you said, the chance of a marginalizaed person calling out someone for being [x]ist against them is indeed high, but there's an important thing you're looking over that defines the existence of the card – whether that claim is an exaggeration to make the other person look bad. I'm not going to debate whether the threads and screenshots you provided are solid instances of this, but I will say that instances of this do exist, simply because of the fact that people can lie, including people of marginalized communities. It would be ignorant to say that couldn't happen.

For instance, a random someone could be disagreeing in a thread with a marginalized someone over, let's say, the quality of Kraft Mac & Cheese, and the marginalized someone could call the random someone [x]ist for disagreeing with them. Would that claim of [x]ism be considered ridiculous? If the random someone was calling the marginalized someone slurs over fucking mac and cheese, then yes, that would be a valid claim. But, if the random someone was just ranting about the quality of the mac and cheese, then that claim could be considered ridiculous, and the random someone could call out that marginalized someone by telling them “are you trying to card me right now?”

It would be quite dishonest, and dare I say it, ignorant to say that isn't possible, which is why there is such a term as “race card”.

And, the thing is, everyone of any marginalized community can have their own card. I never really mentioned a specific marginalized group in that example, so you could fill out “[x]ism” and “marginalized someone” for “racism” and “Black/Brown someone”, or... even “transphobia” and “trans someone”.

Which also brings us into the question asked in this post of yours! The answer is, yes, a trans card exists, and so does a race card, as well as some bonuses, like a gay card, disabled card, Hispanic card, Asian card, Autistic card, minor card, etc... Every marginalized group has a card, including trans people. Shitty trans people can say “you're being transphobic” for the same mac and cheese debate, and the question still applies. Shitty Autistic people can say “you're being ableist” for the same mac and cheese debate, and the question still applies. I could say “you're being [x]ist” for the same debate, for whatever marginalized group I'm a part of, whether that be ableist (autism), homophobic (pansexual), ageist (minor), or racist (non white-passing dominican), and the question would still apply!

You get a card! You get a card!


A screenshot of Oprah's "You get a car" moment, edited with meme text to say "You get a card! - You get a card! Everyone gets a card!"