{ “id”: “theofur”, “name”: “Theo”, “picture”: “silly-silly”, “gender”: “Male-ish”, “pronunciation”: “the-oh”, “pronouns”: “they/it/he/she”, “spec”: “3-4xzkaq”, “species”: “Humanoid (non-human)”, “age”: 16, “height”: 64, “relationships”: [], “description”: [ “Theo is a very strange creature. The furriest iteration of any mascot. They are quite playful and silly, and don't really display any gender-identifying traits outwardly.”, “Their green/orange bifurcation is a result of... well, style, really! They're a shapeshifter of some sorts, being able to modify any part of their humanoid form. Yet, they can only stay humanoid.”, “They can change their height to any size, from a tiny 5'0\” to a staggering 6'2\“.”, “An endlessly shapeshifting mascot for an endlessly shapeshifting suite... perfect.” ] }

{ “id”: “lynix”, “name”: “Lynix”, “picture”: “plasmanine”, “gender”: “Male-presenting”, “pronunciation”: “lie-nix”, “pronouns”: “they/he/it”, “species”: “Robotic”, “age”: 1, “height”: 67, “relationships”: [] }

{ “id”: “thea”, “name”: “Thea”, “picture”: “girltype”, “gender”: “Transfem”, “pronunciation”: “the-uh”, “pronouns”: “she/they”, “spec”: “3-7lenpn”, “species”: “Human”, “age”: 16, “height”: 69, “relationships”: [] }

{ “id”: “iszac”, “name”: “Iszac Æther-Celeste”, “picture”: “trans-ient”, “gender”: “Genderfluid”, “pronunciation”: “aye-sic ee-ther-cel-lest”, “pronouns”: “he/they/she”, “species”: “Solacite”, “age”: 16, “height”: 70, “relationships”: [] }

{ “id”: “blend1020”, “name”: “BLEND-1020”, “picture”: “bus-stop”, “gender”: “Male-presenting”, “pronunciation”: “blend ten-twenty”, “pronouns”: “he/it”, “species”: “Robotic”, “age”: 3, “height”: 70, “relationships”: [] }

{ “id”: “rocco”, “name”: “Rocco”, “picture”: “trans-rocco”, “gender”: “Transmasc”, “pronunciation”: “rock-o”, “pronouns”: “he/they”, “species”: “Human”, “age”: 16, “height”: 62, “relationships”: [] }