Solacite Fun Facts

Some fun facts I compiled about solacites that I think help give useful lore to the concept.

Important context on solacites

Fun Fact 1

It is very common for solacites to feel attachment towards those on the mortal plane. There are many reasons for this phenomenon: some include an attachment being created because the solacite and the mortal share a birthday + a date of existence, an attachment because the solacite was good friends with the parents/children/the self of the mortal in a past life, or even an attachment just because the mortal has so much enemies that they need a solacite to help them out.

Fun Fact 2

In the realm with solace, the headmates of systems can sometimes be solacites having such a good attachment to the system, that they decide to inhabit their mind/body, therefore creating the multiple identities.

Fun Fact 3

It is forbidden for solacites to appear indistinctly similar to their mortal attachment. Doing this will cause the solacite to inhabit the body of the mortal instead, and is actually the main way of getting into a mortal's body.

Fun Fact 4

Attachments between a solacite and mortal can take many forms. The most common ones are systems (see Fun Fact 2) and assistants. Assistants are solacites that choose to appear separate from the mortal's body. This is usually based on preference, but there are a few common reasons why some solacites would appear separate: – Host dysphoria The mortal feels dysphoria with their own body. Dysphoria is a common deterrent for solacites. – Solacite euphoria The solacite prefers their current form, and would rather appear as themselves than be a part of another body. – Usefulness Assistants do assist after all, and some solacites like to stay separate to leverage their powers and help their mortal out. For example, if the mortal is handicapped, then the solacite would prefer to take the position of a helper, getting stuff for them and helping them move around.

Fun Fact 5

A solacite's memory of their past lives are directly based on how well people remember them. For example, if a solacite's past life was put into a history book, their memory of that life will be crystal clear. However, if their life is represented as mythical folklore, they will have a hard time remembering their past life. This is directly adjacent to the concept of a “second death” – where the first time you physically die, and the second time, you actually die when everyone you know forgets about you. Solacites, however, do not die when those who knew them in a previous life forget about them, for solace is a separation from the soul in mortality. However;

Fun Fact 6

If a solacite racks up enough bad judgement which ends up being greater than any good things they have done in solace, they will die. This is one way a solacite can die naturally; when they have failed as an honest mentor and have instead used their status to manipulate and cheat. They may either

How long do solacites live?

Solacites can theoretically have an almost endless lifespan, lasting long after the end of the universe and all that is known to mortals. There are ways some solacites can die, and these ways may be revealed soon, but a solacite dying can either result in the ability to start again as a solacite if they are judged worthy, or to instead just... stop existing. It is very, very unlikely one will be thrown back into the mortal world after being a solacite.

Can solacites interface with the Æther?

Despite the numerous advances of technology in the mortal world that solacites have been able to keep up with, like the smartphone and personal computer, there are some future technological advances which are completely out of the question for use by solacites, such as bodily interfaces and dissociation, as these technologies take advantage of mortal weaknesses that solacites do not possess. This means that solacites from the future will have to find other methods to interface with the Æther.

Does Iszac (23rd century TLA student and technopath in training) have any relation to Iszac (21st century solacite)?

Who is Iszac, really?