Frustration & Uncomfortability

oh great, is blocked by a lot of instances for some reason about @root saying some racist shit or something?

I'll be honest, my experience with the Fediverse has tired me out. I haven't been directly harassed, thankfully, but there's a lot of parts of here which make me slightly to incredibly uncomfortable.'s block reasons have me a little uncomfortable, but I'm not going to blow up over it because it looks like it happened like, a year ago. I've said some stupid stuff similar to this not too long ago (referencing the specific part of this blog where I call Ro “casually racist against white people” which I realize is now stupid and/or unnessecary to point out), and I believe people can change – it's one of the main reasons I dislike The Bad Space.

But... I dunno. It still strikes me the wrong way, and I'm not sure the position of affiliation this server has with the greater Fediverse.

Speaking of the greater Fediverse, the whole The Bad Space situation is tiring me out because of the attitude of the people around it, how people on that side are talking about the people on this side. Honestly? It's overwhelming me.


Anyway, I'm not thinking of moving. I'm kinda of just frustrated at the state of the Fediverse and I hate everything that's going on right now. We need something better.