Quick Q and A

A quick set of questions and answers to problems I've encountered. Will be updated occasionally.

Q: How do I prevent the strange behaviour caused by XWayland apps on NVIDIA?

A: Run sudo nano /etc/environment and append XWAYLAND_NO_GLAMOR=1. Then, log out and back in.

This might affect gaming, but if you don't do much of that, it's a good workaround. You can always remove it when you feel like it.

Q: Why doesn't port-forwarding work on my Quantum Fiber router network?

A: You need to do it in the modem settings, not the app.

Q: How do I add a custom thumbnail to my YouTube Music playlist?

A: You can't. You can't even upload a blank song with your custom thumbnail and set it as the first one. Trust me, I've tried.

Q: Why can't I block instances on Akkoma's Admin FE / How do I block instances on Akkoma's Admin FE?

A: Go to the Admin FE page, click “Settings” on the sidebar and then click “MRF”. Now, click on the setting “Policies” and use the dropdown to add “SimplePolicy” to the list. You should now see the “MRF Simple” section appear near the bottom of the page.

Q: Why is Nextcloud giving 521 / why is Nextcloud forever “Waiting for database to start...”?

A: If you have ever ran iptables -F, this is probably why. Your Docker connections have been severed and your Nextcloud server can no longer access its database. Reboot your OS and never run iptables -F again.