Visual Studio Code Extensions I'm Surprised Aren't Built In

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1. Better Comments by Aaron Bond

Improve your code commenting by annotating with alert, informational, TODOs, and more!

I like this extension because it just works.

It's Simple: It adds colours and stuff to your comments to better highlight their different utilities.

It's Easy: It supports a HUGE LIST of different languages, from TypeScript to Rust to BrightScript! (What the hell is Rust?)

2. Live Server by Ritwick Dey

Launch a development local Server with live reload feature for static & dynamic pages

I like this extension because it also just works. It sits out of your way right there in your status bar, and you can click it whenever! (Disabled your status bar? Use the Command Palette instead.)

It's Simple: It lets you fire up a quick Express-based web server that hosts all of the files in your current folder.

It's Detailed: It supports hot-reloading, automatically reloading your browser when you save your files.

3. Remote Explorer

View remote machines for SSH and Tunnels.

This extension is pretty great. It also is on the status bar, but with a really small icon on the bottom-left corner.

It's Simple: It does what it says on the tin – lets you remote into other servers, and mess with the files inside just like on your local computer.

It's Detailed: It can use SSH and lets you specify a login. To my knowledge, It works on Windows and Linux on the clientside, and Linux on the serverside.

⚠️ Telemetry

Of course, this extension was created by Microsoft themselves, which means data collection. Make sure to configure the telemetry.telemetryLevel setting before you install the extension.